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Tricky Doors Level 5 Amusement Park Introduction

Here is a full guide on how to complete Tricky Doors walkthrough level 5 puzzle game, which is called Amusement Park.

Tricky Doors is a puzzle game where the aim of the game is to escape the room by completing different mini-puzzles and finding objects in the rooms to help you. This game is available to download and play on the Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS devices and is a free to play game.

There are new levels that are still being released and we will do our best to create the walkthroughs/guides to help you complete the sections you may be stuck on as quickly as possible. This article will show you how to complete the fifth level of the game, which is called Amusement Park.

Here is our Tricky Doors Walkthrough Level 5 Guide:

To get access to the fifth episode or level, you will need to complete the first four, which we have done full detailed guides for, which you can see by clicking here . Tricky Doors have names for the different levels and the fifth one is called Amusement Park. Once you have clicked to play this level, you will see the following information:

“This night you are left alone in the amusement park, but you are not up to entertainment. You have to find a way out of here until the sunrise. Don’t try to call for help because it will only get worse.”

Once you click on ‘play’ you will be transported to the amusement park where you will see some trees, a door on a building to the left that keeps opening and closing and some kiosks on the right. There are a few objects that you can collect from this scene. First, click on the kiosks at the back to get the following items:

We have highlighted where you can find these items in the image below:

Use the valve you have in the inventory on the pipe attached on the building. Click on it to turn off the water. You can then get these items from the main scene which are:

Here is where the objects are located in the image below:

You can then use the hose on the garden shears to make scissors with handles. You can then use these on the wires in the fuse box to add wires to your inventory. In the background, you can see a box next to the kiosks and you will need to click on this to make it bigger. You can click on the box to open the power supply of the wheel motor and add the wires.

This will open a compartment, which will reveal a mini-game and the aim of the game is to restore the power supply by connecting the wires. Here is what the puzzle will look like:

It seems as though the puzzle is the same for everyone, so here is the solution of the puzzle so you can change the pieces around to get this order to complete the puzzle:

This will make the carriages move around and light one of them up. Click on the carriage that is glowing red and you can then use the glass cutter on the glass to cut an oval in it. You can then retrieve the gun and knob, which are on the seat. The cartridges in your inventory can now be added to the gun and you will now need to go to the shooting range.

This unlocks a mini-game where you need to shoot the animals in the correct order. This is more of a memory game as there is no information in the order you are supposed to shoot. When a target stays down, you know you have the right target and when you shoot another target and they pop back up, you need to do the same sequence up to that point and then choose another target.

Once you have completed the game, a key will drop down and you can then click on it to add it to your inventory. Now you want to enter the building on the left and there are a couple of items you can retrieve from here which are:

There is an alarm on the top of the door which you can use the wrench on to open it up. You will then need to click on the green wire to make it move and it will light up green. You can then use the key in the door and click on it again to go to the next scene. It is too dark in this room to see much, but you can collect the gloves in the coat pocket hanging on the right.

You now need to go back to the cart and use the gloves to take out the light bulb. If you go back to the dark room, you can click on the sconce on the wall on the left of the coat to twist it towards you and you can use the light bulb in here to light up the room.

There are a few things you can get from the office, which are:

You can click on the radio at the back of the room next to the safe and use the knob here to unlock a mini-game. The aim of the game is to rotate the knobs to set the correct position of the arrows. If you had looked at the picture behind the calendar, you can see a picture of Big Ben, which is a landmark in London. In the hallway, there are different clocks, with the first one showing the time in London.

There are different times for players, so you will need to check the clock to know the answer. For us, the clock shows 11:25. You will then need to turn the dials to show the time you have on the clock. You will then need to click on the radio again to show the knife under the radio so you can add it to your inventory.

If you go back to the hallway, you can click on the grill on the left side of the sofa and use the tweezers to get the chip out. You can also click on the phone box at the back and use the knife on the number pad to break the lock and click on it again to reveal a printed circuit board, which you can add to you inventory.

You will not need to go back to the office, and click on the safe. There is a square tab compartment which you can open and add the green button from your inventory to it. This will unlock a mini-game where you need to click on the buttons in the correct order. In the hallway on the left side, there are four posters on the wall, which have different colours. This is the colour combination, which should be red, yellow, blue and green.

Once you have completed the combination, you can open the safe and retrieve the token that is inside. If you go back to the first scene, you will need to click on the kiosks and use the coin on the machine with the wheel on it on the left side and hit the red button. This will unlock another mini-game where you need to reach the finish line and use the arrows to go in the correct lane to avoid the walls.

Completing this game will give you a cryptex device. You can use the kettle on the water bottle that is behind the trash can to get a kettle of water. You will need to go back to the office, where you will be able to use the printed circuit board on the mechanism on the table. If you click again, it will close the device and there is a new mini-game to play where you need to enter the correct numbers. When the bin was tipped out earlier by the kiosks, there was a newspaper which had numbers on the top. You will need to use these numbers to put on the device in order to complete it. The numbers should be 5286.

Once you have completed it, there will be a red code that shows on the device. The code on here is what you want to need to change the characters on the cryptex to. Unfortunately, the code is different for each game, but once you have completed it, it will unlock a compartment revealing a key. You can use the kettle with water and put it on the kettle stand on the table.

Once it has boiled, the window will steam up to reveal a code. The key you had just found can then be used on the cash register on the table, which will reveal a keypad. The code to input on the keypad is 374. This will open the drawer to the cash register where you will find the last chip.

You will now need to go back to the corridor and there is a panel on the wall, right of the door. Click on it to open it and here you can use the chips to unlock a mini-game. The aim of the game is to light up all the buttons to complete the game. Once you have completed this puzzle, the doors will open and you will have completed the level!

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